Introducing Sunset Scents...

I will admit, I am a candle snob. There is nothing like Gold Canyon candles and I was devastated when they announced their closure. 😭

Christy and I have tested MANY candle lines in an effort to bring you the next best thing and with so many we were left disappointed. 🙄

🔥Enter Sunset Scents...☀️A company started by 2 AMAZING former GOLD CANYON Executives. 🎉 They have been super resourceful and have found the EXACT fragrance house/oils that Gold Canyon used. They took a bad situation for so many and created a new brand. And..... in short, THEY HAVE NAILED IT!

Holiday scents are my absolute favorite. There is no Christmas without Holiday Wreath or Cozy Christmas in my opinion. I was skeptical...BUT they did it. Christy and I are 100% confident in these candles. They have a long burn time, an amazing scent throw and MANY of their candles are the EXACT same scent as Gold Canyon. They also have created many that are their own awesome creations too! 😀

So with all of this, we bring you the Fall/Winter line. The big question you’re do you buy them?? Christy and I are thrilled to announce we are distributing this awesome new candle!! They won’t be sold online with Sunset directly and solely via merchandisers. We have them at the Vault now!

So ladies! What do you need to stock up on to make your holidays bright? Comment below and we will get an order mailed or delivered ASAP. I am burning Pumpkin Pie as we speak an you NEED one.

Mediums are 16oz $23 & Larges are 26oz $28. These prices include tax. 

And.....any former consultants out there looking for their next candle line..We’ve got you! Send us a message for more information. ❤️