Our Story

The Gold Canyon Vault began in March of 2020, when after 22 years, Gold Canyon candles abruptly closed their doors and went out of business.  This closure stunned many loyal customers and consultants alike. That is when Christy MaDan, a 16 year Gold Canyon candle consultant and Lisa Knoll, a business savvy entrepreneur and 20 year Gold Canyon customer, put their minds together, their friendship to the test and the "Gold Canyon Vault" was born.  

When Gold Canyon closed, an auction was held in which we were the successful bidders for most of the remaining candle items.  We were able to bring so many customers their favorite Gold Canyon candles for a little while longer and at regular retail pricing, not the outrageous eBay prices. 

During this time of the Gold Canyon closure, two former consultants were left with many candle customers, but no products to provide them. They knew that their customers had the highest expectations of a candle and with nothing else comparable to Gold Canyon candles on the market, they started their own candle company. By partnering with many of the same vendors that Gold Canyon used, using the same fragrance oils, many Gold Canyon well loved scents have been duplicated and many great original scents have been created as well.  

We are proud to represent this new company as their largest Distributor and love that we are once again bringing Gold Canyon quality candles to our customers.  Everything from the well known jars, super strong scent throw to fill a room, long lasting burn times and beautiful colors are back.

Scents truly have an ability to evoke emotions, transcend time and bring us back to specific moments in our lives.  Christmas memories come flooding back the second I light my Holiday Wreath (now Christmas Wreath) candle. Living in Arizona with temps over 100+ for days on end, I always find myself longing for all things pumpkin spice and cooler weather. I light up White Pumpkin & Strudel and Spice in an effort to hurry things along and will fall to arrive. My mind is at ease knowing that some of my favorites like Pumpkin Pie, Holiday Wreath (Christmas Wreath), Autumn Walk (Fall Leaves) & Strudel and Spice and are still around to create more holiday memories.

Now you know how we got started, our why behind it all and where we are today. Christy and I put our friendship to the test and guess what?  We are even better friends today because of this journey. We are a true TEAM that has the same values regarding business, customer service, etc. We compliment each other in so many ways and this venture has been a huge blessing to both of us.  We appreciate you taking the time to read about our story and we look forward to providing you with a candle that will allow you to relive some of your favorite memories too.

With Gratitude and Love,  

Lisa & Christy