Please review our most frequently asked questions. If you need further help please contact us at goldcanyonvault@gmail.com or by filling out the Contact Us form.  

When will my order ship? We almost always ship within 1-2 days but we do reserve the right to ship within 5 business days.

Where did the Gold Canyon candles come from? The candles were acquired via auction from the Gold Canyon warehouse.

Can I come shop at the Vault? Sure! We love having our customers come and shop with us. Please reach out via text to Christy (623) 980 9120 or Lisa (480) 276-4398 to set up an appointment.

How do I care for my candles? - Always trim your wicks to ¼” prior to burning. An easy to do this is purchasing a wick trimmer that can be found in our shop. It is recommended to burn between 4-6 hours at a time. If you notice black smoke prior to this, please extinguish your candle and trim.

Burn time: How long do the candles burn? - due to environmental factors this can vary but the average is 25 hours for a mini, 100 hours for a medium and 180 hours for a large. Using proper candle care will ensure that you get the maximum burn time from your candle.

What materials are used? These candles are a high food grade paraffin wax, using lead free wicks with safety collars. The safety collars with the candle will auto turn off about ¼” from the bottom.

Is Sunset Scents Gold Canyon? No. Sunset Scents is not Gold Canyon. Sunset was created by 2 former Gold Canyon consultants who hired a former Gold Canyon chemist, partnered with former Gold Canyon vendors and have successfully duplicated many of our well loved Gold Canyon scents. The quality and burn times are very similar to Gold Canyon.

Do you accept returns? We do not accept returns on our items however, if an item is broken or damaged, we are happy to replace.

How do I become a Sunset Merchandiser? Please email goldcanyonvault@gmail.com for more information and an application.